Today's Agenda

Wiki for the Session -

Google Doc for notes -

Introductions - Maria Deb and group
Expectation by the end of the session
  • Have something to show that represents what you learned.
  • How to grow and take this learning and awareness to the next step.

What is Participatory Culture? Deb and Maria
4 C's
Discussion - add to google doc

Explore the skills - slide show and discussion- add to google doc

Break 10:15-10:30
Exploration and Sandbox - 10:30 - 11:15
  • Challenges to try - work with a partner or alone
  • Listen to Webinar Archives
  • Read the White Paper - What challenges your thinking?
  • Use some of the tools
  • Add comments to the google doc
  • Write reflection on the moodle about NML

Sharing 11:15-11:45